46-Year-Old Sumatran Orangutan Has Gallstones Removed in South Australia

A female Sumatran Orangutan had multiple gallstones and her gallbladder removed during surgery at a clinic in South Australia. Veterinarian David McLelland said Puspa, the 46-year-old Sumatran orangutan, fell ill back in May 2021 and that they decided to anaesthetise her to figure out the issue. Local human gynaecologists, rheumatologists and an occupational therapist investigated concerns. Ultimately, a “number of gallstones, along with inflammation of the bile duct and gallbladder” were detected, McLelland said. “Surgery was definitely the right decision. The surgeons removed nine sizeable gallstones along with a very unhappy looking gallbladder. You have to think Puspa will feel better to be relieved of all that. And it has been so great to be able to pull together such a fabulous and diverse team to provide Puspa with the best possible care,” McLelland said. “Puspa has recovered very well since surgery under the watchful eye of her wonderful keepers, and has been very good at leaving her stitches alone. While she can’t tell us directly that she is feeling better, she is eating really well and has been out and about and climbing.” Credit: Zoos South Australia via Storyful

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